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Foodies - Our Story

foodies for foodlovers was born from a passion for the high quality food New Zealand has to offer and a desire to make good, clean, natural food available.

√  No Additives

√  No Preservatives

√  No Artificial Colours

The team work closely with producers to bring you the finest of what New Zealand has to offer. Our producers have been selected because of their superior produce, outstanding business practices and extraordinary brands.

The story behind our Extra Virgin Olive Oils is an example of this.  Our olives are supplied by the Wilson family, whose family originally came out from China in the 1800’s and became market gardeners, settling in the winterless north of New Zealand.

The family's green fingers have been passed down through the generations and is captured in the superb quality of the olive oil they produce.  It has won so many awards over the years, the family has now lost count of them.

All our food tells very individual stories that we are happy to share with you.  It is exciting and humbling to have our food grace tables all around the world.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With long dry summers and short cold winters, our trees experience two distinct growing seasons each year resulting in high grade fruit full of premium oil. Arguably there is no better place in the world to grow olives.  

The processing plant's location was selected specifically for its proximity to the olive groves. This ensures all fruit is processed within just a few hours of being harvested which maximises the freshness and quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

New Zealand's clean, green environment is recognised worldwide and has an enviable reputation for quality produce and sustainable practices. A combination of advanced grove management practices, new harvesting technology and processing speed allows us to guarantee fruit quality. This results in all our foodies for food lovers Extra Virgin Olive Oil being fresh premium grade.

Uses & Benefits of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only great to cook with but is filled with antioxidantsvitamins and nutrients that can protect against illnesses. Studies have shown it can help;

  • Protect from heart disease
  • Promote healthy digestion
  • Ease the symptoms of ulcers and gastritis
  • Lower gallstone formation
  • Balance the fatty acids in your body
  • Assist with skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis 

Scientific studies show people eating two tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil daily for one week have less oxidation of LDLs and higher levels of antioxidants in their blood. You will also benefit from higher levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin E and phenols, due to Extra Virgin Olive Oil being less processed.

There are many surprising ways Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used;

Cooking -  foodies for food lovers  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great for cooking and as a replacement for vegetable oils or butter in recipes, as it is much more nutritious.

Body Oil - Rub it on your body or face after washing for great skin moisturising benefits. You might even want to try shaving with it or using it to remove makeup.

Control Hair Frizz –  combing a drop of foodies for food lovers Extra Virgin Olive Oil through your hair will control frizz and add shine to dull hair. 

Lip Balm & Hand Lotion – foodies for food lovers Extra Virgin Olive Oil is both a great lip balm and soothing hand lotion. Rub it into cuticles and nails for a naturally polished look.

Bath Oil – Add a few drops of foodies for food lovers Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your bath water. The benefits to your skin will be obvious even after the first time you use it.

Control Coughs or Scratchy Throats – Swallow a tablespoon of oil to soothe a dry or irritated throat.

Shine Stainless Pots & Pans – foodies for food lovers Extra Virgin Olive Oil will prevent streaking and tarnishing and will naturally condition your pots and pans.


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For more information about these products or becoming a distributor please contact admin@nzpremiumfoods.com or call +64 9 579 5589         

Foodies EVOO Chinese price list.pdf