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Many of NZ Premium Foods selected ranges have been recognised internationally for their supreme quality, freshness and unique taste. These characteristics can only come from New Zealand with its remarkable environment of lush green pastures, rich fertile soils, clean air, climate and plentiful fresh water.  We refer to our land as 'The Food Bowl', producing a diverse range of foods and beverages for countries and cultures all over the world.

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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


With long dry summers and short cold winters, our trees experience two distinct growing seasons each year resulting in high grade fruit full of premium oil. Arguably there is no better place in the world to grow olives.  

With a processing plant's selected specifically for its proximity to the olive groves all our fruit is processed within just a few hours of being harvested which maximises the freshness and quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 









Organic Flaky Salt


This natural sun-dried, pure organic salt is from the sun drenched seabed of Marlborough in the South Island of New Zealand. Renowned for its superior quality, this organic salt captures the essence of the waters that flow from the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Our sea salts have distinctive, delicious flavours and with minimal processing, due to the Solar Salt manufacturing production methods used, still contain many of the naturally occurring minerals and trace elements found in seawater. 





Wafer Biscuits


Rachael and her team have created yet another delicious food product, 
foodies for food lovers Little New Zealand Wafers. These are delicious bite sized wafer biscuits. There are 6 individual packs in a pouch - perfect for popping into lunchboxes or your handbag.  Each individual pack contains a mix of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavoured wafers that are sandwiched together with a scrumptious creamy filling.

The wafers are made in New Zealand using natural colours and flavours.  There are no preservatives, nuts, peanuts or eggs in this product.

Rachael和她的团队还创造了另一种美味的食品,“美食家”新西兰小威化饼。这是美味的一口咬的小威化饼干。它们一大包中有6个小袋的包装 – 非常适合放在午餐盒中或您的手提包内。 每个小包装中包含着香草味,草莓味和巧克力味的威化小饼干,它们是用美味的奶油馅像夹三明治一样夹在一起的。
这些新西兰小威化饼干是用天然的颜色和香料在新西兰制造的。 产品中没有防腐剂,坚果,花生和鸡蛋。

Mussels & Clams

美食家”海产品 & 贻贝和蛤蚌

Made up of islands surrounded by sea, we are a country with long coastlines. This and our distance from others means we have a clean and plentiful environment which helps guarantee high quality seafood. Additionally, our high standards of food safety management and our world leading fisheries management system have built our reputation for quality. 

We have many varieties of mussels and clams. Our fishermen target species allocated via a fishing quota, making fishing practices sustainable and protecting fish stocks for future generations to come.



Premium Meat


New Zealand has been known for having 40 million sheep and only 4 million people. It is an expansive green country with plenty of wide open space where livestock can graze on fresh pastures.

The majority of our stock, whether venison, beef or lamb, is pasture fed which gives New Zealand meat certain unique characteristics. Those who have tried our quality cuts will know the delicious, succulent taste New Zealand meat has.

At NZ Premium Foods we are about taking meat from the farm gate to the international plate. We source high quality cuts from sustainable farms and use compliant processing plants.  We offer prime and individualised cuts, so can produce to order and meet any special request - just let us know your requirements.













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Natural Spring Water


We are a country that has an abundance of natural, pure spring water and are renowned for quality water with a high pH, which has many health benefits and is one of nature’s gift.

Over the course of 250,000 years our rivers have formed alluvial fans across the Heretanunga plains of the Hawkes Bay.  The gravel layers contain one of New Zealand's finest acquifers, giving the water a soft taste and natural blend of minerals.  The water is bottled right at its source, giving it its purity.









We offer a range of juices, from the distinctly New Zealand flavour of gold and green kiwifruit to refreshing apple and pear and the sweet goodness of orange.

All of our fruit is grown locally, mainly in the Hawkes Bay and Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty area, both of which are ideally suited with temperate climates and rich soils that produce exceptional fruit.

New Zealand is known for the exceptional quality of its disease free fruit and premium quality juice. Full of flavour, juicy and sweet it is quite simply delicious.



Award Winning Wine


New Zealand is synonymous with Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, Pinot Noir from Central Otago and Syrah from the Hawkes Bay. The combination of rich soil, clean climate and magical growing conditions lend themselves to the production of our world class wine.

With the numerous awards and world accolades these wines have received, New Zealand's wines are some of the finest in the world. We work closely with our wine makers to select wines that suit international palettes and gourmet dishes alike and can offer a full range of wine varieties and prices.



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For more information about these products or becoming a distributor please contact admin@nzpremiumfoods.com or call +64 9 579 5589

Connect with us on WeChat, NZ Premium Foods. We also have a Latipay account for trade between China and New Zealand.  This makes it safe and easy for all parties to do business.  Refer to the Latipay website for further information www.latipay.net