Our Story

In 2008 two friends, Rachael and Paul – passionate foodies who both grew up in Hawke's Bay – set about sharing their love for New Zealand and its extra virgin olive oil with the world. In researching this wonderful liquid gold, they found out all wasn’t what it might seem in the food world. Concerned, they realised they couldn’t necessarily change what was happening elsewhere, but could develop their own company which created real food, clean food – food they could be proud of. What evolved from these small beginnings is now an iconic brand foodies for food lovers which has achieved international recognition for the supreme quality, freshness and unique taste of its products. Although the company has expanded enormously, NZ Premium Foods remains proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated – still creating pure, incredible-tasting cuisine with nothing it shouldn’t contain. Food, as food should be.

Producing truly clean food requires a great environment and the lush green pastures, rich fertile soils, clean air and climate of New Zealand provides exactly that. It takes more than just beautiful land and sea. NZ Premium Foods’ producers have been selected because of their superior food, outstanding business practices and sustainability, and the team works very closely with them to make sure everything they supply is 100% what it is meant to be. They check processes thoroughly and regularly to make sure any business who becomes part of their wider team understands how seriously committed they are to producing food without additives, preservatives or harmful ingredients. Their producers are like family, and NZ Premium Foods understands their business like their own. Customers can have confidence that all products are exactly what they say they are and of the highest quality possible.