Food Service

Purchase our products through: 

Service Foods and other Countrywide Distributors http://www.countrywidedist.co.nz/food-distributors.html

Foodchain and other Foodfirst distributors nationwide http://foodfirst.co.nz/distributor-locations/

Bidfood http://www.bidfood.co.nz/contact-us/

To place an order email sales@nzpremiumfoods.com 

For international orders, please contact Rachael Speedy rachaelspeedy@nzpremiumfoods.com

 NZ Premium Foods  have a Latipay account for trade between China and New Zealand.  This ensures that it safe and easy for all parties to do business. Latipay can be used to make payments via WeChat Pay, Alipay, JD Pay and online banking. Refer to the Latipay website for further information www.latipay.net 

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